SAS Traffic Studies Survey is a leading provider of traffic survey services, specializing in collecting and analyzing data related to traffic patterns, volume, behavior, and other key parameters. Their team of skilled professionals utilizes advanced methodologies and state-of-the-art equipment to gather accurate and reliable traffic data.

The company offers a wide range of traffic survey services, including traffic counts, vehicle classification, speed studies, travel time analysis, origin-destination studies, intersection surveys, and parking surveys. These surveys provide vital information for traffic planning, roadway design, signal optimization, safety assessments, and decision-making processes.

SAS Traffic Studies Survey employs various data collection techniques, such as manual counts, automated traffic recorders, video monitoring, and advanced sensors, to capture precise and detailed traffic data. They apply robust data analysis and modeling techniques to derive meaningful insights and develop actionable recommendations.

The company's experienced team of traffic engineers, transportation planners, and data analysts ensures that clients receive comprehensive reports that present clear findings and practical solutions. SAS Traffic Studies Survey collaborates closely with clients to understand their specific needs and deliver customized survey designs and data analysis approaches.

By leveraging their expertise in traffic surveying, SAS Traffic Studies Survey helps clients make informed decisions, optimize traffic flow, enhance safety, and improve the overall efficiency of transportation networks. Their commitment to quality, accuracy, and professionalism positions them as a trusted partner in the field of traffic survey and analysis.

Traffic Volume Study in Kerala
Speed Study in Kerala
Origin and Destination Study in Kerala
Traffic flow Characteristic Study in Kerala
Traffic Capacity study in Kerala
Parking Study in Kerala
Accident Study in Kerala


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